Mar Joseph Kallarangatt
Bishop of Pala


              I am very happy to learn that M/s Beacon Media Solutions has undertaken the task of designing a website for our town. Pala has a niche in spice trade, culture and education. A large number of pilgrims and tourists visit our town every year.
Pilgrim and tourist centres like Vagamon, Elaveezhapunchira, Bharananganam, Kadappattor are reached via Pala. In this context a website can serve to promote tourism and provide information regarding the history and culture of Pala to the outside world.

Wish you all success for your endeavor

(K.M. Mani)


Greetings from the Diocese of Pala!

I am very much elated at the heartening news of the inauguration of the new Website of Pala by BEACON Media Solutions. In this era of information technology all of us want to be informed and updated on every development that is taking place in and around us. It is in this context that the newly created website becomes more relevant.

I am sure that it will enable and help the young and modern generation all over the world come to know about the vibrant culture of this ancient place. Undoubtedly it will widen the scope of Tourism, Education and Commercial development of Pala. Ours is a place with enormous skills and unexplored possibilities. And this website will bring all the hidden treasures of pala in to our fingertips. I wish every success for this new endeavor

Yours Lovingly in Christ

Mar Joseph Kallarangatt
Bishop of Pala