Bharananganam is only five kilometers east to pala, where the tomb of Blessed Alphonsa is situated. Bl. Alphonsa was a member of the Franciscan Clarist Congregation. She died on 28th July,1947. Soon after her death her fame as a saint spread all over the country and abroad and was beatified on 8th February, 1986. Her feast is being celebrated every year on 28th July, and thousands of people come and take part in the festival.


The Mahadeva temple at Kadappattoor is a famous Hindu pilgrim centre. It is situated in the suburb of pala town. Hundreds of people come and visit this temple. During Sabarimala season the number of pilgrims rises to thousands

It is a place 15 Kilometers north to pala, Bl. Kunjachan was born. He was a small man in stature. That is the reason he was called by the pet name ‘Kunjachan’ (Small Priest). He lived and spent most of his life time and died in Ramapuram itself. He was born on 1st April, 1891, ordained priest on 17th Dec.1921 and died with fame of sanctity, on 16th October,1973, and was buried in the parish church at Ramapuram. Ever since hid death people in thousands began to visit his tomb, especially on hid death anniversary, and obtained favors through his intercession. Soon after, the process for his canonization was taken up and he was declared Blessed on 30th April,2006 at Ramapuram itself. Now it has become a world known Pilgrim centre.